MAC is a cross between Colombian Gold x Starfighter and Alien Cookies that offers a terpene profile that's as unique as its heritage. Orange citrus rinds, funky earth tones, and an almost rubbery sweetness comes together will leave you smacked. Initially uplifting, the indica effects soon take over help to relax the body.

Humboldt OG

Despite us having many OGs in our stable, Humboldt OG can't help but stand out. It terpenes bring the best of both ends of the spectrum - with reports of both a sharp clarity of mind and chill relaxation, it's a wondrously hot ice and strange snow that will have customers saying “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!”


An iconic sativa rarely found. XJ-13 is a legend around here. The flavor is dense with sweet citrus and a spike of pine that seems to immediately expand the nostrils once you crack the jar. It'll invigorate both the body and the spirit and never fails to leave people satisfied.

Columbian Cookies

As the name implies, Colombian Cookies is a mind-melting blend between the landrace Colombian Gold from the '70s and the resinous OG Cookies. Our exclusive cut of this strain has a flavor that's as unique as it's lineage - offering both creamy cheese notes with invigorating sour aroma. 

Royal Sorbet

Inheriting the exceptional potency from Wedding Cake and the sweet fruity terpene profile of DJ Short's Blueberry, Royal Sorbet is an illustrious cultivar that is rarely found. It's flavor can be complicated - like a good wine - with notes ranging from peppery to molasses sweet, but still with a touch of creamy cookie flavor.